Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Albert Eistein once said...

“I know quite certainly that I myself have no special talent; curiosity, obsession and dogged endurance, combined with self-criticism, have brought me to my ideas.”

So most of you who know me well know that I am an all-or-nothing person. I am always 100-110% about anything I do...nutrition/health, joining the LDS church, running (when I wasn't injured), yoga, babies (the science of breastfeeding specifically), and U2 (mostly a teen/early adulthood obsession, but I am going to their concert!), and other naturalistic granola-child things. Whatever it is that I'm obsessed about, I learn everything I can about it and make it a big part of my life!

My newest obsession: reading fiction. I've always been a reader, but I have been on a break from it. I've always enjoyed it, but with my head injury from my car accident in college, I had a really hard time reading and learning, so it was everything I could do to simply get by in college. Incidentally, recovering from my head injury/accident in itself was an obsession to prove to people and myself that I could do it. I was also looking for my religion, so all of my free reading time went to spiritual non-fiction, which ultimately and gratefully led me to the LDS church. Soon after joining the church, I met and married my awesome husband, Scott, started a business (another successful obsession) and now have 2 beautiful children.

So, I'm nursing again, and I thought it would be a great time to pick up reading fiction again. Boy, I should've seen this coming, but I have really enjoyed this journey. I've joined a book club and have read some amazing books. I am officially addicted. I have read a lot of great books (see my book area on the right) BUT the best book I have read in a REALLY long time is (drum roll, please) The Hunger Games and it's sequel, Catching Fire. I couldn't put it down, nor could I stop thinking about it when I wasn't reading. I had to force myself to go to bed, and sometimes couldn't even sleep because I had to know what happened next. Now I'm dying because the 3rd book isn't out yet, and won't be for about a year. (If you haven't gotten the hint already, READ IT...I promise you will love it). Fortunately I am reading another good book now, and I know that there are many other great books out there waiting to be read.

I used to be embarrased/apologetic for being this intense, because I have been told that some people are/were a little intimidated by me and my intense-ness (is that a word?) but I have since accepted that this is who I am. Afterall, life is short. I was born this way, and all my obsessions have led to new knowledge or understandings about myself and life. It has truly made my life and my family's life a fun adventure!

p.s. read the books and tell me what you think! :)