Sunday, November 29, 2009

Music of the Night

The last month has been a great musical experience for us. Scott treated out me to the U2 concert, which is my ultimate favorite band of all time. They are truly amazing performers every time I see them, and they use their talents to lift people of darkness, including myself. I can personally attest that they inspired me throughout several difficult times in my life as well as energize me during the fun times. It was the best delayed mother's day gift I could ever imagine!

Second, Scott and I celebrated 5 years of marriage a couple weeks ago. I got him Phantom of the Opera tickets (his favorite play). I tried to surprise him, but I was just sooo excited that I got good tickets that I couldn't contain myself. It's really pathetic because I used to be SO good at surprises!

Mushy alert: I am so grateful for Scott. He is truly the best husband for me: inspiring me, motivating me, and encouraging me. I know that I am a better person as a result of him in my life, and I hope I can become a better person, because he deserves it!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

My political blog

Hey friends! I started a political blog this year, and I was on a hiatus for a while, but I'm back. I just wanted to let you know that I posted something, and plan on posting again later this week. I will totally respect it if you don't want to read it. However, while I still have the freedom to express my opinions, I will continue to exercize my right to do so...

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Gratitude in the present

A wise person recently told me something I already knew, but in a different perspective. "Nothing stays the same. The grief will pass, the pain will pass, the trials will pass, and the bliss will pass!" I'm actually in a state of bliss right now. Everything seems to be in a harmony with one another. But it will eventually pass and the next trial will eventually come along.

Life is so dynamic. It is always changing, and nothing will ever stay the same. The hard trials we go through will eventually change, and the wonderful peaceful times will change too. Life is a journey, and we are here to learn from every station, and move on to the next stage without looking back on the easy times or looking back in regret on what we've done. We should also not look forward to the future and wonder what life will be like when ______ happens to us. The only place to be is the present, to be thankful for it, learn a lesson from it, and to have joy in it. That is a challenge, but I am grateful for it, and hope that someday I will master this challenge, and truly find joy in every moment, every day.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

My one and only Halloween pic

Yay! I have one Halloween pic to post. Scott and I went to our friend Heather's annual Halloween Party and had a blast. I usually dress as a rockstar/singer...Bono twice (with the band), Village People - I was the sailor, Cindy Lauper (I had backup singers too!), Baby Spice, and the bad-girl Sandra D from Grease. This year, I wanted to do something with a current event. I always thought those were the funniest costumes.

So on a whim, we decided to dress up as the balloon-boy's parents. You know, the lunatics who staged their son getting lost in a homemade flying saucer, and were on the news every single day for at least 2 weeks. I can't believe people like that can make the headlines every day, when real news that is important doesn't. Actually, I do know why, but don't get me started on my conspiracy theories :)

Anyway, we won "best couples costume" for this endeavor, which surprised me because there are always really great costumes at their party. It was a really, really fun party, with my favorite part - karaoke! You can look on my facebook page if you want to see my competition :)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

More pics of my kiddos

So you could also judge me because I have no Halloween pics. Why, you say, when you know it's one of my favorite days of the year? First of all, we went to the Prescott Pumpkin Patch Festival a couple weeks ago, and after weeks of searching for an Elmo costume, Bryce wore it for a total of 3 seconds and then threw an absolute fit until we let him take it off. Then it got stolen at the festival, so no more Elmo :( Here's a pic of him with Mr. Whataburger...

I don't have any pics of Paige, even though she was dressed cute that day,because Scott only took video, and that takes foreeeever to upload onto blogs. I don't have that kind of free time. Plus we have no pics of ourselves yet, even though we won a costume contest at our friend's Halloween party for dressing up as the balloon-boy's parents (the crazy people who were on the news for 2 straight weeks). I promise as soon as my friend posts her pics on her blog/Facebook, I will snag them and post them here!

So to compensate for the guilt I feel for being a Halloween-mom failure, I took some pics yesterday of my kids just being themselves outside. It was a cute moment in what seems to be the whirlwinds of life.

I know parents are biased, but my kids really are cute! FYI, I think yours are cute too!

Check out those rolls! She's a whopping 16 pounds at 4 months.

Bryce deep in thought with his trucks.

How can you resist a smile like this?

or a laugh/squeal like this?

Don't judge me, but...

I am waaaaay behind on posting pictures of my kiddos! With my postpartum and Paige's colic/reflux, and Bryce's terrible twos, and the business...well it's not a great excuse, but it kept me away from pics. It is easier for me, I guess to write about my life than to dig out my camera, remember how to download pics, and post them!

Anyway, I'm going to play catch up here, mostly for the sake of the grandparents, and the thought that one day, I'll have this blog printed onto a book for our family. So here goes the last 4 months of our life in fast forward!

Bryce at his 2nd birthday with the ragtop hair do - I miss his cute long hair!

Paige at one-week-old with her great-grandmother, Mary Jarvis. And yes, she is smiling :)

Bryce's first day of montessori preschool, August 17, 2009

Paige's baby blessing day - September 6, 2009

Our little outing to the temple on general conference weekend. Yeah, I know it's crooked. We didn't take the picture, can't you tell? :)

I promise I will do better! Well, I can't guarantee it, but I know I'll try :)