Saturday, May 30, 2009

An ode to estrogen

So most of you know that we're having a girl. Some of you have asked if the pregnancies are any different. The best things about this pregnancy is I am much more mellow and kicked-back than last time, which I attribute to their personalities - Bryce is very strong-minded and stubborn, and I think Paige is much more peaceful and laid-back. Also, I haven't had the swollen feet or aching back, which I attribute to my fantastic chiropractor. Otherwise, pregnancy still agrees with me and I enjoy it just like with Bryce.

Well, I am so excited to have a girl! I've never been that girly - never into bows and frills and dresses, but now I am SO into it. I can't wait for the cute outfits with hats and shoes. Who would've ever guessed that about me, but I am so excited about it!

Well now that I am 36 weeks, I have shifted into GIRLY mode - on overdrive! I have been sooo obsessed, for a few weeks now, with chick flicks. My husband was a little annoyed at first, until he realized it made me sweeter and more romantic and cuddly. Now he's ok with it and says I can watch these movies whenever I want! I've even decided to watch the movies during my labor. Why not be a little distracted by beautiful people, romantic (and funny) scenes, and falling in love during a less-than-comfortable day of my life (to say the least). Here are some of the movies I have been frequently watching, that will probably make it to my labor playlist ...

I've also decided to watch another fave - Nacho Libre (hilariously funny, but not at all a chick flick).

Here's hoping my labor isn't so long that I actually finish all 4 movies! :)

p.s. since I am watching all of these movies way to much, if any of you has a suggestion of another great chick-flick, let me know!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I'm baaaack!

I'm sorry, folks, that it's been a while since I blogged about the happenings in my life and my family. I have a couple excuses ... and you know what they say about excuses! We've been really, really busy with business (can't complain), my camera-to-computer connection was off that I wasn't patient enough to fix, I've been taking care of a sick husband and toddler, and I got a little addicted to Facebook. I'm still busy, but my family's recovering, I fixed the computer, and I'm taking a break from Facebook. I've decided that blogging is way more important than Facebook, so I promise to be better!

Onto our news...I had a wonderful May 3 this year! For those of you who don't know, it is the 11-year anniversary that I survived a near fatal-car accident that changed my life FOREVER. It is also the 6-year anniversary that I got baptised into the LDS church, which also changed my life FOREVER. Both anniversaries mark the most positively-significant occurences in my life that allowed me the opportunity to seriously change the direction my life was headed. Both have resulted in a better outlook on life, happiness that I never knew before, and an ability to appreciate the present and accept the past and future better than I ever did before.

Every year on May 3, I go to the mountains because that is where I have always gotten my answers to life's big questions, which is something I really needed, especially after the accident. This year was no different. Even though Scott was a little sick, we all went out to Saguaro lake and had a picnic and enjoyed the fresh air. It is wonderful that I can share this special day with my family, and I look forward to telling my kids all about these experiences someday. I want them to know that:

I am truly grateful for life, as I know it is truly a gift that I am still alive, and that we all have the gift of life,

I am grateful for ALL the experiences in my life, good and bad, that have shaped me to the person I am,

I am grateful that I was preserved so that I could find out and join about the LDS church, which answered my biggest questions and has brought the most joy into my life.

Here are some pics from our special day (they aren't very good, but we were lucky to find anybody to take our pic - even if he was a kid and didn't really know our camera :)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Too much to say...

I have bit my tongue for years. Every once in a while, I blog about something I'm passionate about that has nothing to do with my family. It is politics. So often, I end up wanting to blog about those feelings or news I have heard, or other thoughts I have. But I don't because I think to myself, no this is a family blog and it's not appropriate. Well, I just can't keep it inside any longer. I am far too opinionated and far to passionate about the freedoms of this country that we are currently LOSING in the name of "change" that I have decided to create another blog dedicated to that end. To educate and discuss on one of the most passionate subjects in my life right now. If you want to read it, enjoy. If you don't, it won't hurt my feelings. At least I will have an outlet to express my angst, so to speak...

Love, Kim