Thursday, June 25, 2009

Gas Shmas

Anybody who says that "newborns don't smile, they just have gas" is full of it. Last night, Scott was playing with Paige, who was only 4 days old. He was putting his mouth up to her hand and teasing her. Since she's legally blind like all newborns, she enjoyed feeling his mouth and playing with it, and a big smile came across her face. She was having fun, not having gas. So there!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

She's Here!

We are so excited that Paige joined our family this past Saturday! As most of you know, I wanted a waterbirth/homebirth, and I had the MOST wonderful relaxing experience possible. I was more comfortable and relaxed in my home, so I dilated super fast! I watched some of my favorite movies, in this order: Nacho Libre, Dan in Real Life, and the beginning of The Holiday. I enjoyed the difficult parts of labor in a birthing tub, which they call the "midwives' epidural" and now I know why. I felt instantaneous pain relief when I got in, and it did slow my labor down a little bit (just like an epidural would). It was fine, because I was so close to the end, so it was still pretty quick. I started labor around 8am, and had her at 2:04 p.m. I was talking and laughing in between contractions until the last 20 minutes. I actually was able to enjoy watching my movies too! :) It was so awesome. I will never birth another way again!

Paige was 21" long and weighed in at 7 lbs, 9 oz, almost a pound smaller than Bryce was when he was born. She's my petite little lady! She is doing great, is very alert, and likes to wiggle. She kinda looks like me when I was born - full head of dark brown hair (that fell out for me and came back in sandy brown). We'll see how she looks when she develops.

The above pic is of Scott and Paige at the delivery. Here are some pics of her today. I know I'm biased, but I think she's beautiful!
Paige enjoying some fresh air this afternoon!
Bryce & Paige

Bryce kissing Paige!

Scott, Bryce & Paige reading

Bryce is handling being a big brother very well. He is excited to be a big brother!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I just have to laugh...

So I'm 38 weeks pregnant, and I have just done the most embarrassing thing in years. I can't believe it, but I was walking in my sleep (somehow) and I fell and sprained my ankle. I haven't walked in my sleep in almost 20 years, so it is quite the shocker to me. All I remember is being on the floor in the dark in a lot of pain. Scott said I must have been dreaming because I said "No, no, no!" and then he heard a thud. As usual, he was wonderful and came to my rescue (but, poor guy, seeing his very pregnant wife on the floor screaming in the middle of the night must have been scary) Scott thinks I tripped on one of the umpteenth pillows I use to sleep with that I must have kicked off onto the floor when I got up. Gotta love pregnancy!
Bryce is being very cute about it though. He keeps pointing at my foot and saying, "Momma's foot hurts...owie" and he's giving me extra kisses. At least I am getting special treatment :) But it sure blows my plans to go on lots of walks this week to bring on my labor early. Deep breath...sigh...laugh...I must have much more character to build :)

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Thank you to all those who participated in my baby showers. One of my best friends, Mary, threw one for me last weekend and it was great fun! Unfortunately, she's also my photographer friend, and since she was hosting the party, there weren't many pics. But some relatives and friends got a little marker-happy with my belly, and drew some notes on there. So at least I have a couple belly shots! And, yes, I do have an outie!
My ward friends also threw me a shower this past Tuesday, but I don't have pics from that yet, so I'll post those when I get them. I am just so excited to have so many oh-so-cute baby girl clothes! This is going to be so much fun! Thank you!