Friday, November 12, 2010

April Family Weekend: Cabin trip to Pine

April was an especially fun month...not because we did our taxes, but because we celebrated our big tax refund by going to the mountains for the weekend! Our old neighbors/friends, Paul and Mindy Pickett let us use their cabin in Pine on the weekend he ran the Boston Marathon. I've always been to Woods Canyon Lake and Christopher Creek for my White Mountain camping experiences, but this was really great. It was much closer to Phoenix (saved about an hour) and was just as beautiful. They have a nice big cabin with lots of room and a great view!

This is the view from the deck of their cabin.

We had so much fun we didn't take too many pictures, but here's a pic of Bryce and Paige playing on their papasan chair.

Here's a pic of Paige waving to the camera in the chair.

And finally, a pic of Bryce with his cute morning look smile.

On the way home, we hiked at Tonto Bridges State Park. It was a beautiful excursion as we hiked through the park, saw the waterfalls, and enjoyed the sunny weather. The kids were a little tired, so the pics of them aren't totally stellar. But what do you expect after a long fun weekend in the mountains? I used to be so rigged about my kids getting naps and planning my whole trips around that, and now, I think, eh, we're on vacation, and I want to go to this state park, so we're going and they can deal. That's why every parent should have 2 kids or more so they can lower their expectations of life and their children. Anyway, I digress...

Here is a pic of us at the bridge.

This is one of us after we hiked down to the bottom near the waterfall. I could've sworn we had a waterfall pic, but maybe not...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Miscellaneously Cute April Photos

I was looking through my pics to blog about, and I found some cute pics of Bryce and Paige that I had to post...

Bryce and Paige having fun on the couch (with a computer mouse, no less)

Bryce tickling/wrestling with Paige on the floor. Fortunately, she loves it! (He does this all the time, and has gotten better about being gentle with her)

...but he hadn't quite learned how to be gentle yet in this scene (don't worry - this only lasted 2 seconds before we broke it up)

Oh, and here's a pic of us with Scott's Grandma Brokaw on a visit to her house and our regular trip to Randy's Restaurant for brunch.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

March Family Day: Cubs Spring Training Game

For our March family day this year, it was kind of a no-brainer. Ever since I moved to AZ to go to ASU, I was converted to spring training - the annual March influx of MLB sports teams from other states to train here in AZ in March. There's at least 6 games a week, and while I'm not a baseball fan, I am a fan of having fun!

The Cubs have the best spring training stadium, with a large inclined lawn where spectators can sit on blankets, eat hot dogs and ice cream (or whatever), watch the game and have fun. The weather is usually beautiful, and the Cubs fans are really fun and friendly, and the lawn seats are super cheap. So it is now a Lineweaver tradition to go to a Cubs game every March.

This year, we were joined by Michayle and her kids and her mom and it was really fun. Bryce made friends with pretty much everyone in our section as he ran around with Ginny's blanket (Michayle's daughter) and laughed and entertained them for a couple hours. Most of the other spectators were drinking a little, so they thought he was especially funny. I even saw some of them taking pictures and posting it on their facebook pages! I can't find any pics, and I think Scott took video, but that is too time consuming to post on here. Come to my house and I'll show you the funny videos :)

But I do have some pics of the kids from March. That was the month we attempted (emphasis on attempted) to potty train Bryce. It was supposedly this magical 3-day method that is ideally for kids around 2 years old. You don't find out until after you've read the whole mini-book and ready to implement it that it's not really recommended for kids over 2.5 (because they are set in their ways). Bryce was almost 3, but I had invested so much time into it and it was spring break, and I was going to potty train him (or so I thought). These are some pics of our front room with rubber exercise squares covering our nice rug to help with accidents.

He's my stubborn little red-head, but he's so cute! Paige was crawling a little, and quite bald compared to now, but she's so sweet :)

It is like a joke to get our kids to sit with Daddy and pose. To them, sittin on Daddy usually involved climbing, wrestling, laughing, tickling, that it is hard to get them to be serious or still enough for a picture. But they love their daddy and so do I!

This is Paige in her I-only-play-with-Bryce's-toys faze. She is well past that now as she is into full girly mode, but it was a cute phase :)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

February Family Day 2010

Ok, here goes... I will do my best to catch up my family's happenings for 2010.

So in February for our family day, we took Bryce and Paige on the Light Rail (city train system set up recently in Phoenix). We took them down to the arts district and then went to the Japanese Friendship Garden. Then we went to get lunch at an artsy-fartsy cafe (why I love cities!)

...And NOW I remember why I got behind on blogging. We forgot our camera that day, so we took all the pics on Scott's phone, in which it is just shy of brain surgery to get these pics off. Well... not quite brain surgery, but it's a pain, no less. The stars have to align for it to work out - Scott has to be home (and in the mood to help me blog) and this little cord has to be around to help transfer the pics to the computer (and it never was around), AND the computer has to be in a good mood to transfer the files. I kept putting it off, and then I was so far behind, it overwhelmed me to catch up. Hence, two weeks after I committed to returning to the blogging world and 3+ hours of trying to sync it to the computer, I finally have my pictures. (and there weren't many anyway, I don't know what my hold-up was.

The Japanese Friendship Garden was this beautiful oasis set on top of the "stack" on I-10 and 7th street in Phoenix. Those of you Phoenicians know the "stack" and would be surprised to know that a Japanese garden is built on top! Anyway, they had this mosaic quilt-art exhibit going on and we loved it. The art went really well with the garden and the kids really loved the plants, waterfalls and creek, as well as the art. It was a little chilly, but a really nice day to be out.

Then we walked a bit until we found this cute cafe to have lunch. It reminded me a lot of Houston, where I used to drive my '73 VW orange bug downtown at least once a month to hang out at a cafe just like this one. An old brick building with pastries, drinks, and lunch. I could stay in a cafe like this all day and that's no joke. Something about the atmosphere speaks to me and makes me introspective and creative and really appreciate life. It's one of the reasons I always like to live in cities.

Here's a pic of riding the train - a light rail, but still Bryce's first train ride and he loved it! He's a little tired and serious as he's looking out the window, but he really did enjoy the ride. Honestly, if I realized I only had 2 blog-worthy pics on my phone, I would not have postponed all of my blogging just for this. I had this new years resolution to blog about every family day and every event this year. Well, it stressed me out so much that I did nothing. Note to self: drop that goal for 2011!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Long time no see...

For the record, I know I am way behind in updating this blog... 8 months to be exact. I have so many family days, weekends, and vacations and family reunion to record and I've missed recording other cute and memorable occurences. But I did promise myself this year to be a better be more 'present' with my kids and not think about blogging all the time. (Not that I've ever been that stellar at this). Also, I have been reading a lot this year. That has taken me away from blogging.

Last weekend, I was determined to blog. It was general conference, and I promised I would sort through my pics and make some awesome posts. Then I got mastitis (Paige is weaning and my body is having a hard time with it) and that wiped me out! It was the second time in 2 weeks. Any worries I had about hurting Paige's feelings by weaning her are out the window now. I'm ready to be done. Paige, I've given you 15 months of good nutrition and lots of nurturing mommy time. It's time to move on, girl :) Besides, she actually initiated this last weaning this weekend, which is why I got an infection to begin with, so I know she's ready. I am so relieved!

I will update this as soon as I get back from my 2nd family reunion this weekend
p.s. for a little teaser, here's a cute, yet candid shot of us on vacation at a beachhouse in California. More to come at a later post!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Family Day January: Botanical Gardens

As our family (and business) continues to grow, I am busier and busier than I used to be. Where is the time to blog? I love blogging (our own family and reading on our friends' too), and have no really good excuse not too, but at the end of the day, I often choose something easier and less time-consuming than blogging to wind down.

About 6 months ago, after Scott received a busier church calling on top of our already busy lives, we decided to make our family more of a priority. So, once a month, we have a family day. We do something fun just the four of us. January, we went to the Botanical Gardens and had a really great time. Bryce loved seeing all the desert plants and playing in the kid stations with crafts and games. Paige loved the views and being outside (really the only thing that calms her down when she's upset).

The weather was perfect (60's) and we went early enough to avoid most of the crowds. We had so much fun we almost forgot to take any pics! Then as we were leaving we took a few of our fam. I'm so happy we do this once a month. Now if I can only remember to take more pictures and post them on time :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bryce's First Joke

We've always known Bryce to be a ham, and it was really cute when he started purposely making us laugh! These are the things I'll forget when he's older, and I want to document it.

One Saturday morning a few months ago, Scott was working in the yard early and was already pretty dirty and needing a shower by breakfast (sorry honey, but it's true). So I was teasing him at breakfast saying, you really need a shower, Daddy, in front of Bryce and Paige. So Bryce then says, with a huge grin on his face "Take a Shower Daddy!" and we all started to laugh. Bryce, of course, laughed the hardest :) So he kept repeating this that day and we laughed (after a while though, I laughed just to make him feel good). Now, anytime he wants to entertain us or feels like we need to liven up the dinner table, Bryce shouts at the top of his lungs "Take a shower Daddy!" and proceeds to giggle himself silly. I still think it's funny, and now Paige does too.

She, by the way, already idolizes her big brother and laughs at him every chance she gets. He likes the attention, and has become a really caring big brother, bringing her a sippy cup or toy or stroking her saying "it's ok Paige" when she's upset. I'm so happy they love each other :)

Friday, January 29, 2010

Positively Politics

Here I am, back in the game of politics. I have a new blog because I realized that my old blog was too negative for me, and I don't want my life to focus on negativity. (A reminder thanks to the wonderful book, Left to Tell). You may ask, isn't politics pretty negative right now? Most people would say yes, and most things you read aren't both truthful and positive. So, I would like to have a place, when I find something positive, whether it suggests positive change or makes me smile because someone in Washington said something I liked, I will post it here. I may not have very many readers, but I don't care. If it makes me feel better to have it on paper/screen, I'll be happier...especially when our country's future is at stake. If you are interested, check it out at

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Adoption Request from our best friends

Our best "couple" friends, Mary and Merrill are trying to adopt. They are so awesome, that I want to help them spread the word. Here is their letter and link to their website:

After four difficult years of trying to conceive, Merrill and I have decided to adopt. We feel that this is the path God has intended for us and are very excited about the prospect of being parents.

We are currently working with the LDS Adoption Agency. This is not a typical adoption where we go to an agency and get a child. Instead, the birth parents actually choose us and for this reason, we have created an adoption website to provide more information to the birth parents.

Here is where you all come in. We are asking for your help. You can do this by spreading the word and sharing our website with all your contacts, especially schools (ie school counselors) and doctors. Feel free to facebook, blog, twitter, but especially email our information out to them, as you never know who might be able to help us find our child.

Thank you for your love and support,

Merrill and Mary Jordan

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Wow. I have never blogged about a movie, and I may never again. This movie is so amazing, I was speechless at the end. It has revolutionized movies the way Star Wars did in the 70's-80's, only this time I am old enough to really appreciate it! It has all the elements of a remarkable movie, in my mind - a social statement and showing our spiritual link to nature.

The first of which, in my opinion is much more a statement about humanity as a whole, than about a politics. It's not so much about the "white man vs. the American Indian" or the democrat vs. the republican, but about humanity in general - striving to destroy another group in one way or another for political or economic gain. I've read about it in England, Rwanda, South Africa, Israel-Palestine, Ancient Rome, and on and on. It's also about the corruption of money, and how greed can destroy civilization. I know that many of the left and the right have used corruption to gain money and power, even in times of supposed "peace." C.S. Lewis said it best when he said "Let's pray the human race never escapes Earth to spread its iniquity elsewhere."

Second, I LOVED the association with nature and their interconnectedness to each other and to all the living things in their world. I truly believe that all living things have a spirit, and relate back to God. I believe we could have such associations if we used our full God-given intelligences and spiritual capacities to do so. However, our world is so corrupted in so many aspects that it is inconceivable that it would happen in my lifetime, without a major global change.

Sure, it's predictable and simplified in it's plot, but I've never seen this kind of story told so very well. It makes it's beautiful statements as simply as possible, and leaves the viewer to ponder the rest. It is a truly beautiful movie and has quickly become my favorite science fiction movie of all time.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas Vacation

We had a great time in southern Utah for Christmas this year. Most of the time was spent at Scott's parents house, Gary and Fatha in Hurricane (yes that's a town, not a storm, and it is pronounced like you would talk about the storm if you lived in Kentucky)

Bryce and his cousin Garrison playing in fake snow in the kitchen. They are only 5 weeks apart in age and they both love the move Cars! (surprise, surprise) They had so much fun together!

Cousins Paige and Jonah, who are three weeks apart in age eating their fingers :)

Santa paying a visit to the grandparents' house on the 23rd.

Bryce kissing Paige on Santa's lap and a last ditch effort to show how good he is!

Taking a pose in the snow when we went sledding near Todd and Jenna's house in Cedar City! It was Bryce's first time really in snow. He looks grumpy, but he's quite pensive and observant about the whole snow experience.

A family shot from Fatha's photographer friend (don't worry Mary, she holds no candle to you :)

Our big family shot (ignore the homeless man sitting off to the right. He's not part of our immediate family!)

The funnest part of the trip was playing games with the brothers and sisters and going to see Avatar in 3D twice! All in all, it was a very fun trip!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Fabulous, Dahling

One of my best friends, Mary, is a amazingly fabulous photographer. I can't believe she just barely started taking pictures a year and a half ago. If you want to see the first shoot she did of our fam, check it out here.

This is our fall-holiday shoot. I didn't feel good about the pics when we were there because something was always going on or someone wasn't happy (Bryce or Paige) or the sun was acting up, or the plants around us were stubborn or dying, but low and behold, Mary still made amazing pictures. I don't know how she does it, but she makes it look easy.

Gosh, there are so many great pics, but I had to narrow it down to a few. So here are the best of the best, in no particular order...

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Thanksgiving 09

Disclaimer: I look up to the people who can blog about an experience within 24 hours of the event. I, unfortunately, am almost 3 weeks late. Better late than never...

My parents were in town for a week over Thanksgiving and we had such a great time! Nothing fancy, just hanging out and making fun memories with Papa Rice and Grandma Rice. FYI, she insists on going by Mama-roo, but it's too confusing for Bryce - I think it sounds too much like "Mommy" to him. He doesn't like it. We'll see what permanent grandma name she ends up with :)

Great-grandma Brokaw (Scott's grandma) joined us on Thanksgiving day, so it was a really fun time! For all of you with big families, this is actually a big celebration in ours!

Bryce, Paige and Kim

Kim and Paige (almost smiling - she was SO ready for bed)

Question: why must Bryce have that mischievous grin on his face in over half his pictures? I'd pay good money to know what he is thinking...

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Left to Tell

I am so inspired, I have to blog about this amazing book, Left To Tell by Immaculée Ilibagiza. It is an inspiring story of a woman who survives the Rwandan holocaust in the 1990's and finds God, faith, and forgiveness while hiding with 7 other women in a cramped bathroom for 3 months. It is a true story as a woman finds her spiritual purpose in life while at death's door. I was so amazed and truly uplifted by this story.

Without sounding overly prideful, I can strongly relate to her because I survived a near-fatal car accident/head injury in '98 and found my spiritual purpose as a result. I wish I had as memorable a story as she does, but just as she did, I prayed about why I was left when my friend died, and I knew that God had more for me to do in this life than what I had done to that point. I was also kinda lost spiritually, and it helped me get back on track...with God's help, of course. I still have more to do, and this book reminded me that life is really beautiful, that God does help us discover ourselves through difficult times, and he wants us to be the best we can be.

Here is my favorite quote from this book:

"I was living proof of the power of prayer and positive thinking, which really are almost the same thing. God is the source of all positive energy, and prayer is the best way to tap into His power."

For more info or to buy her book, visit:

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Music of the Night

The last month has been a great musical experience for us. Scott treated out me to the U2 concert, which is my ultimate favorite band of all time. They are truly amazing performers every time I see them, and they use their talents to lift people of darkness, including myself. I can personally attest that they inspired me throughout several difficult times in my life as well as energize me during the fun times. It was the best delayed mother's day gift I could ever imagine!

Second, Scott and I celebrated 5 years of marriage a couple weeks ago. I got him Phantom of the Opera tickets (his favorite play). I tried to surprise him, but I was just sooo excited that I got good tickets that I couldn't contain myself. It's really pathetic because I used to be SO good at surprises!

Mushy alert: I am so grateful for Scott. He is truly the best husband for me: inspiring me, motivating me, and encouraging me. I know that I am a better person as a result of him in my life, and I hope I can become a better person, because he deserves it!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

My political blog

Hey friends! I started a political blog this year, and I was on a hiatus for a while, but I'm back. I just wanted to let you know that I posted something, and plan on posting again later this week. I will totally respect it if you don't want to read it. However, while I still have the freedom to express my opinions, I will continue to exercize my right to do so...

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Gratitude in the present

A wise person recently told me something I already knew, but in a different perspective. "Nothing stays the same. The grief will pass, the pain will pass, the trials will pass, and the bliss will pass!" I'm actually in a state of bliss right now. Everything seems to be in a harmony with one another. But it will eventually pass and the next trial will eventually come along.

Life is so dynamic. It is always changing, and nothing will ever stay the same. The hard trials we go through will eventually change, and the wonderful peaceful times will change too. Life is a journey, and we are here to learn from every station, and move on to the next stage without looking back on the easy times or looking back in regret on what we've done. We should also not look forward to the future and wonder what life will be like when ______ happens to us. The only place to be is the present, to be thankful for it, learn a lesson from it, and to have joy in it. That is a challenge, but I am grateful for it, and hope that someday I will master this challenge, and truly find joy in every moment, every day.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

My one and only Halloween pic

Yay! I have one Halloween pic to post. Scott and I went to our friend Heather's annual Halloween Party and had a blast. I usually dress as a rockstar/singer...Bono twice (with the band), Village People - I was the sailor, Cindy Lauper (I had backup singers too!), Baby Spice, and the bad-girl Sandra D from Grease. This year, I wanted to do something with a current event. I always thought those were the funniest costumes.

So on a whim, we decided to dress up as the balloon-boy's parents. You know, the lunatics who staged their son getting lost in a homemade flying saucer, and were on the news every single day for at least 2 weeks. I can't believe people like that can make the headlines every day, when real news that is important doesn't. Actually, I do know why, but don't get me started on my conspiracy theories :)

Anyway, we won "best couples costume" for this endeavor, which surprised me because there are always really great costumes at their party. It was a really, really fun party, with my favorite part - karaoke! You can look on my facebook page if you want to see my competition :)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

More pics of my kiddos

So you could also judge me because I have no Halloween pics. Why, you say, when you know it's one of my favorite days of the year? First of all, we went to the Prescott Pumpkin Patch Festival a couple weeks ago, and after weeks of searching for an Elmo costume, Bryce wore it for a total of 3 seconds and then threw an absolute fit until we let him take it off. Then it got stolen at the festival, so no more Elmo :( Here's a pic of him with Mr. Whataburger...

I don't have any pics of Paige, even though she was dressed cute that day,because Scott only took video, and that takes foreeeever to upload onto blogs. I don't have that kind of free time. Plus we have no pics of ourselves yet, even though we won a costume contest at our friend's Halloween party for dressing up as the balloon-boy's parents (the crazy people who were on the news for 2 straight weeks). I promise as soon as my friend posts her pics on her blog/Facebook, I will snag them and post them here!

So to compensate for the guilt I feel for being a Halloween-mom failure, I took some pics yesterday of my kids just being themselves outside. It was a cute moment in what seems to be the whirlwinds of life.

I know parents are biased, but my kids really are cute! FYI, I think yours are cute too!

Check out those rolls! She's a whopping 16 pounds at 4 months.

Bryce deep in thought with his trucks.

How can you resist a smile like this?

or a laugh/squeal like this?