Saturday, January 9, 2010


Wow. I have never blogged about a movie, and I may never again. This movie is so amazing, I was speechless at the end. It has revolutionized movies the way Star Wars did in the 70's-80's, only this time I am old enough to really appreciate it! It has all the elements of a remarkable movie, in my mind - a social statement and showing our spiritual link to nature.

The first of which, in my opinion is much more a statement about humanity as a whole, than about a politics. It's not so much about the "white man vs. the American Indian" or the democrat vs. the republican, but about humanity in general - striving to destroy another group in one way or another for political or economic gain. I've read about it in England, Rwanda, South Africa, Israel-Palestine, Ancient Rome, and on and on. It's also about the corruption of money, and how greed can destroy civilization. I know that many of the left and the right have used corruption to gain money and power, even in times of supposed "peace." C.S. Lewis said it best when he said "Let's pray the human race never escapes Earth to spread its iniquity elsewhere."

Second, I LOVED the association with nature and their interconnectedness to each other and to all the living things in their world. I truly believe that all living things have a spirit, and relate back to God. I believe we could have such associations if we used our full God-given intelligences and spiritual capacities to do so. However, our world is so corrupted in so many aspects that it is inconceivable that it would happen in my lifetime, without a major global change.

Sure, it's predictable and simplified in it's plot, but I've never seen this kind of story told so very well. It makes it's beautiful statements as simply as possible, and leaves the viewer to ponder the rest. It is a truly beautiful movie and has quickly become my favorite science fiction movie of all time.

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Michayle Hales said...

I knew you would love this movie! I really enjoyed it, too. I also was moved by the connection to nature and also horrified by the willingness of some, which as you explained happens everywhere in the world through out time, to just take what they want by force simply because they can, not because they have any right to it or claim on it. My mom told me you had already seen it several times and I just laughed because, well, I knew you would love it!