Friday, January 29, 2010

Positively Politics

Here I am, back in the game of politics. I have a new blog because I realized that my old blog was too negative for me, and I don't want my life to focus on negativity. (A reminder thanks to the wonderful book, Left to Tell). You may ask, isn't politics pretty negative right now? Most people would say yes, and most things you read aren't both truthful and positive. So, I would like to have a place, when I find something positive, whether it suggests positive change or makes me smile because someone in Washington said something I liked, I will post it here. I may not have very many readers, but I don't care. If it makes me feel better to have it on paper/screen, I'll be happier...especially when our country's future is at stake. If you are interested, check it out at

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Jen Olson Brown said...

I just added your politics blog to my blog lists and look forward to reading along! Thanks!!