Sunday, November 7, 2010

March Family Day: Cubs Spring Training Game

For our March family day this year, it was kind of a no-brainer. Ever since I moved to AZ to go to ASU, I was converted to spring training - the annual March influx of MLB sports teams from other states to train here in AZ in March. There's at least 6 games a week, and while I'm not a baseball fan, I am a fan of having fun!

The Cubs have the best spring training stadium, with a large inclined lawn where spectators can sit on blankets, eat hot dogs and ice cream (or whatever), watch the game and have fun. The weather is usually beautiful, and the Cubs fans are really fun and friendly, and the lawn seats are super cheap. So it is now a Lineweaver tradition to go to a Cubs game every March.

This year, we were joined by Michayle and her kids and her mom and it was really fun. Bryce made friends with pretty much everyone in our section as he ran around with Ginny's blanket (Michayle's daughter) and laughed and entertained them for a couple hours. Most of the other spectators were drinking a little, so they thought he was especially funny. I even saw some of them taking pictures and posting it on their facebook pages! I can't find any pics, and I think Scott took video, but that is too time consuming to post on here. Come to my house and I'll show you the funny videos :)

But I do have some pics of the kids from March. That was the month we attempted (emphasis on attempted) to potty train Bryce. It was supposedly this magical 3-day method that is ideally for kids around 2 years old. You don't find out until after you've read the whole mini-book and ready to implement it that it's not really recommended for kids over 2.5 (because they are set in their ways). Bryce was almost 3, but I had invested so much time into it and it was spring break, and I was going to potty train him (or so I thought). These are some pics of our front room with rubber exercise squares covering our nice rug to help with accidents.

He's my stubborn little red-head, but he's so cute! Paige was crawling a little, and quite bald compared to now, but she's so sweet :)

It is like a joke to get our kids to sit with Daddy and pose. To them, sittin on Daddy usually involved climbing, wrestling, laughing, tickling, that it is hard to get them to be serious or still enough for a picture. But they love their daddy and so do I!

This is Paige in her I-only-play-with-Bryce's-toys faze. She is well past that now as she is into full girly mode, but it was a cute phase :)

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