Sunday, November 8, 2009

More pics of my kiddos

So you could also judge me because I have no Halloween pics. Why, you say, when you know it's one of my favorite days of the year? First of all, we went to the Prescott Pumpkin Patch Festival a couple weeks ago, and after weeks of searching for an Elmo costume, Bryce wore it for a total of 3 seconds and then threw an absolute fit until we let him take it off. Then it got stolen at the festival, so no more Elmo :( Here's a pic of him with Mr. Whataburger...

I don't have any pics of Paige, even though she was dressed cute that day,because Scott only took video, and that takes foreeeever to upload onto blogs. I don't have that kind of free time. Plus we have no pics of ourselves yet, even though we won a costume contest at our friend's Halloween party for dressing up as the balloon-boy's parents (the crazy people who were on the news for 2 straight weeks). I promise as soon as my friend posts her pics on her blog/Facebook, I will snag them and post them here!

So to compensate for the guilt I feel for being a Halloween-mom failure, I took some pics yesterday of my kids just being themselves outside. It was a cute moment in what seems to be the whirlwinds of life.

I know parents are biased, but my kids really are cute! FYI, I think yours are cute too!

Check out those rolls! She's a whopping 16 pounds at 4 months.

Bryce deep in thought with his trucks.

How can you resist a smile like this?

or a laugh/squeal like this?


Marry said...

holy moly she is getting big! she is growing up so fast. can't wait to see her.... her hair looks red too and is definatly a lineweaver

Fatha said...

Thanks, wonderful. Paige looks so cute...and do I see red hair? I love to have pictures of the children. Fatha

Joanne said...

Love those pics of the kids. Sometimes the home made ones are the best-so cute.
Bryce looks like he really enjoys his sand box & cars & trucks.
Does Paige have reddish hair or did it just show up that way?
She is so cute & pudgy. - Joanne

Michayle Hales said...

YOur kids are sooo cute! I canNOT believe paige is 16 lbs! Ginny barely hit 18 this summer. YOur kids are huge!

Johanna said...

It's great to pics of your kids--- they are too cute!