Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bryce's First Joke

We've always known Bryce to be a ham, and it was really cute when he started purposely making us laugh! These are the things I'll forget when he's older, and I want to document it.

One Saturday morning a few months ago, Scott was working in the yard early and was already pretty dirty and needing a shower by breakfast (sorry honey, but it's true). So I was teasing him at breakfast saying, you really need a shower, Daddy, in front of Bryce and Paige. So Bryce then says, with a huge grin on his face "Take a Shower Daddy!" and we all started to laugh. Bryce, of course, laughed the hardest :) So he kept repeating this that day and we laughed (after a while though, I laughed just to make him feel good). Now, anytime he wants to entertain us or feels like we need to liven up the dinner table, Bryce shouts at the top of his lungs "Take a shower Daddy!" and proceeds to giggle himself silly. I still think it's funny, and now Paige does too.

She, by the way, already idolizes her big brother and laughs at him every chance she gets. He likes the attention, and has become a really caring big brother, bringing her a sippy cup or toy or stroking her saying "it's ok Paige" when she's upset. I'm so happy they love each other :)


Joanne Rice said...

Oh how cute. He is the ham & loves to laugh. I want to know when he shouts that out in a store or in public. That is when it is really funny. : )
I too love how they are getting along. He is being a very good big brother, and she sure knows how to get on his good side by laughing at his funnies.
Love, mom

Fatha said...

Cute....thank you for sharing this fun moment.

Michayle said...

I love that joke! I finally have time to read blogs again. Bryce sounds so cute. I hope I get to see him this time when I am in AZ. By the way Happy Birthday the other day!

Jen Olson Brown said...

So cute! It's so fun when our kids start interacting with us like that!