Sunday, November 9, 2008

More modeling madness

So I told you that our friend Mary is using us to learn how to take family pictures (a.k.a. baby pictures). I totally love it because it gives us good family pics without all the effort of doing it ourselves. I really like the pics...I only wish Mary wouldn't be so hard on herself and just admit that they're good. I'm starting to believe the saying is true that baby will only smile for mom or dad. You can see that in these shots...
Scott holding Bryce in the air.
Bryce laughing as Dad throws him up again.
Mary trying to get a smile out of him. See what I mean? Of course this was near the end of the shoot and he was tired. I bet he was thinking "Aren't we done already?"

My husband is so cute! Sorry, I couldn't resist.

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Harris Family said...

I love your family. You are all so photogenic!!